Star Trek: Shadow of the Machine

{4.5/5} “There’ll always be a neural parasite or a V’Ger entity for us to deal with, but they only serve to remind us how important Starfleet is. We extend the hand of friendship on behalf of the Federation to everyone we meet. It’s who we are.”

Star Trek: Shadow of the Machine by Scott Harrison, released in 2015

The Enterprise is undergoing repairs after the encounter with V’Ger, and Kirk is restless after the disappearances of Decker and Ilia. He is returning to the family farm to try to help his teenage nephew Peter. Spock is returning to Vulcan, but not to complete the Kolinahr. Sulu was going to travel with Uhura and Chekov but his partner Susan has gone into labour early — very early.

This novella, released as an ebook, takes place after The Motion Picture.

It’s a little slice of life for Kirk, Spock, and Sulu. It has the feel of the TNG episode “Family.”

It’s about doing what you were meant to do. Spock’s conversations with his mother and father are the best parts.

This is the 1st story by Harrison I’ve read.

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