The Pursuit of William Abbey

{4.5/5} “I have witnessed sunrise in the frozen steppes of Asia: symphonies of azures and silvers, punched through with snowy whiteness as if the sun was sending sharpened heralds to announce its progress. I have watched dawn on the China Sea, the water a mirror of slippery gold that burns the sky to puffy white. I have stood on the shores of Japan and heard the temple bell; watched the shadows chased out of the canyons of North America like dogs before the wolf.”

The Pursuit of William Abbey by Claire North, published in 2019

William, a doctor in South Africa, witnessed a lynching and did nothing to stop it. The boy’s mother cursed him. Now he’s followed by the boy’s shadow and if he catches up to him he kills the person he most loves. William also knows, when the shadow is close, the truth that’s in the hearts of the people around him. Meanwhile, he’s recruited as a spy for Britain.

This is another imaginative story from North. It takes place over the decades leading up to World War I.

It’s about being on the run — but also seeing the world. It’s about being in love — but only seeing your lover once in a while. It’s about doing what you need to do to survive — but feeling like you should be doing more.

This is the 6th book I’ve read by North. I previously reviewed The Gameshouse.

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