Blue Bloods (season 10)

{4.5/5} “You have been given a chance to fix something before it is too late, and that is something to be grateful for.”

Blue Bloods season 10, aired in 2019-20

Danny and Baez get another visit from Maggie, the psychic, who has information about a murder of a girl that happened a year ago. Jamie and Eddie are now married and are looking for an apartment. The DA, Erin’s boss, has created a “naughty” list — a list of cops whose questionable conduct in the past could impede conviction. Frank finds out he has a grandson he didn’t know about — and he’s a member of the NYPD.

One more quotation: “If the Reagans killed each other every time they had a disagreement there’d be nobody left at Sunday dinner table.”

Stars Steve Schirripa.

Treat Williams guest stars as a friend and old partner of Frank’s, Lenny, whose daughter is in trouble. Dan Hedaya guest stars as someone who used to work for the mafia but is now retired. Lyle Lovett guest stars as a Texas Ranger. Ed Asner guest stars as an old employer of Frank’s.

I previously reviewed season 9.

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