{4.5/5} “Humankind is most innovative at turning innovation to the cruelest ends. Power alters the soul far more than any innovation I could imagine, even at the height of my privileges… Eventually I came to realize, Sancia — you can’t make laws or policies or dictums to constrain this impulse… You must overwrite all the hearts and minds of mankind — directly, instantly, and permanently.”

Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett, published in 2020

Sancia, Berenice, Gregor, and Orso are continuing with their plan to make scrivings free, and to put the campos out of business. Then they get a warning: the first of all hierophants, Crasedes Magnus, is returning. They figure out that Gregor’s mother, Ofelia Dandelo, is trying to bring him back to life. They don’t know much about Magnus but they know he was a monster.

This is the sequel to Foundryside. It instantly brings you back into the world of Tevanne.

It has protagonists you love, and an antagonist with understandable motivation. The story doesn’t come to a conclusion, as another sequel is hypothetically forthcoming — but it’s a terrific story.

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Bennett.

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