Star Trek: The Next Generation — Crossover

{4.5/5} “Pausing dramatically, the governor waited for a response from the crowd — the sort of approval that greeted him earlier in the proceedings. But this time, silence was his only answer. And in that silence, Spock believed he saw the eventual end of the Romulan Empire.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation — Crossover by Michael Jan Friedman, published in 1995

Ambassador Spock, along with a group of unificationists, has been taken prisoner by Romulan forces. They don’t know who he is yet. Captain Picard has been ordered to pursue a diplomatic solution, and he has been given a consultant — Admiral Leonard McCoy. Meanwhile, Montgomery Scott has been listening in on Starfleet communications that he’s interested in — he decides that in order to save Spock he must take things into his own hands.

It was inevitable that the three TOS characters we saw survived into the 24th century would be brought together with the TNG crew for an adventure, and this is it. In the hands of prolific Star Trek author Friedman, it’s a great one.

I liked the conversations about logic Spock had with his students. I was ambivalent about the conflict between McCoy and Picard — but I suppose even Starfleet officers with decades of experience can have an off day, and it was resolved in a way that made sense.

In addition to the regulars, Guinan plays a nice role in the story.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 18 of Friedman’s novels plus a bunch of comic books. I previously reviewed Star Trek: TNG — A Call to Darkness.

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