The Boxtrolls

{5/5} “‘Ever wonder what they’re thinking about, Mr. Trout?’ ‘I imagine they’re reevaluating their life choices.'”

The Boxtrolls, released in 2014

The boxtrolls come out at night to steal little things from the humans that they find interesting. And once they stole a toddler — Eggs has been raised by the boxtrolls and doesn’t even know he’s a human. The humans are terrified of boxtrolls and the exterminators are tasked with getting rid of them. When Fish, the boxtroll Eggs thinks of as his father, is taken Eggs vows to rescue him.

It’s a unique and delightful world, and the stop-motion animation is astonishing.

It’s very funny, and has a nice message.

Stars the voices of Elle Fanning, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Tracy Morgan. Directed by Graham Annable (storyboard artist on Kubo and the Two Strings) and Anthony Stacchi (Open Season). The music is by Dario Marianelli, and “The Boxtrolls Song” was written by Eric Idle.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen it. My previous mini-review is here.

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