Articles and videos about Star Trek

Here are some articles and videos about Star Trek that I found particularly fascinating.

Authors and fans are brilliant at connecting the dots. None more brilliant than this connection by Ryan Britt between Discovery and the earlier series:

Star Trek: Discovery Explains Why Kirk and Picard Never Trust Holograms

Responding to complaints about the 3rd generation, the Middle Aged Geek shows that Star Trek has always been about diversity and social justice:

“Star Trek” has been, and always shall be about diversity and social justice…

On a similar theme, Steve Shives contemplates why conservatives watch the show, and comes up with some answers:

What Do Conservatives Actually Like About Star Trek?

The idea people have of Captain Kirk in their head is often different than what we actually saw in the series. Specifically, Erin Horáková points out that the concept of Kirk as a maverick and a womanizer is just not true. She discusses issues of masculinity, sexism, and collective memory in this essay:

Freshly Remember’d: Kirk Drift

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