TNG: Double Helix — Double or Nothing

{4/5} “You see on that screen a dazzling array of species… but as year upon year has gone by, they have slowly lost that which made them unique, special. The Federation must pay for that loss. And the Federation must, and shall, pay for the disservice that it has done to you. You, the outcasts, who for whatever reason, do not fit in with the Federation’s grand scheme of the way things should be.”

Star Trek: TNG — Double Helix: Double or Nothing by Peter David, published in 1999

Commander William T. Riker is given temporary command of the Excalibur while Captain Calhoun is on a mission for Starfleet Intelligence. Elizabeth Shelby, with whom he disagrees about nearly everything, is his first officer. Their job is to track down some Romulans commanded by Sela, who destroyed the starship Independence and may have a secret base in Thallonian space.

This book ties in with David’s New Frontier series, which I started reading but didn’t continue with.

It has a different feel than the previous novels in the series, as in those ones a doctor always played a prominent role. This one is more about tracking things down and going undercover. Captain Picard, who’s on the cover, shows up later in the book.

This is the climax of the Double Helix series, as the next book is a prequel. As such, I was a bit disappointed in it. There were some odd moments, and I didn’t buy the antagonist’s plan in this one.

I’ve read 27 novels, 3 graphic novels, and a bunch of comic books by David. I previously reviewed Star Trek: The Next Generation — Q-Squared.

In this series I previously reviewed Star Trek: TNG — Double Helix: Quarantine.

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