Star Trek: TNG — Available Light

{4.5/5} “Our search for the truth must be unrelenting. We have to use every legal means at our disposal, shine all available light into every corner, so that no one can hide. It all has to come out. Every last distasteful shred of truth has to be laid bare for all to see. Otherwise, we’ll never be free of doubt or worry that something like this could ever happen again.”

Star Trek: TNG — Available Light by Dayton Ward, published in 2019

Section 31 has been exposed to the galaxy, and admirals with names like Ross, Nechayev, and Jellico have been arrested. Captain Picard’s own actions from years ago come under a microscope — when he helped depose a Federation president whose actions threatened war with the Klingon Empire. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is weeks away from Earth exploring when they come across a giant ship with no one on board they can detect.

The story features Admiral James Akaar, Attorney General Phillipa Louvois, Chancellor Martok, and Admiral William Riker. It also features characters who were made up for the novel series, particularly engineer Taurik, first contact specialist T’Ryssa Chen — and Federation President Kellessan zh’Tarash.

It’s about taking responsibility, and meeting new friends. They meet people who have found a unique way of dealing with decades of travel through space on a search for a new home.

I wasn’t a big fan of the concept of Section 31, but its dismantling certainly provides interesting fodder for stories.

I’ve read 10 of Ward’s novels. I also reviewed his Star Trek: That Which Divides.

The previous novel in the story of the 24th century is Star Trek: Titan — Fortune of War.

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