The Collapsing Empire

{4.5/5} “‘What is the Interdependency?’ And here there was another shimmer, and another figure walked toward Cardenia, a figure that Cardenia knew was meant to be Rachela I, prophet-emperox, the legendary founder of the Interdependency… ‘It’s a scam,’ she said.”

The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi, published in 2017

The Interdependency is a collection of 47 systems — far apart if you used normal drive, but they’re connected by the Flow. But one scientist has discovered that the Flow is disintegrating, and the empire is destined to collapse. He sends his son Marce to take this information to the emperox. Meanwhile, the old emperox has died and his daughter, Cardenia, has succeeded him. She didn’t expect to become emperox but her half brother was killed in an accident.

The story is terrific and there’s lots of very funny dialogue. It has characters that you’ll want to follow for at least 3 books.

The story is written with such verve that you’ll want to be sure to have the sequels on hand.

I’ve read 12 books by Scalzi. I previously reviewed Head On.

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