Agents of SHIELD (season 7)

{5/5} “Come with me if you want to continue to exist.” — Enoch

Agents of SHIELD season 7, aired in 2020

Simmons has been to the future and brought back some things to help the team. The agents have followed the Chronicoms back in time to 1931. The Chronicoms want Earth from themselves and know that only SHIELD can stop them. Enoch, a renegade Chronicom, has joined the team but Fitz is elsewhere. They also have an android to help them — who has the memories of Coulson. 

This is the last season. The time travel aspect to the storyline allowed them to revisit some old friends, which was very nice.

Always exciting and funny (including a Blade Runner reference from Coulson), it’s a terrific season with characters you love.

One episode was a time loop, with Daisy and Coulson remembering between loops — it was superb.

They packed a lot into the finale, like an episode of Star Trek: Picard. It was a fitting conclusion to the saga.

Enver Gjokaj guest stars as Daniel Sousa, his role from Agent Carter — the team meets him in good old 1955. Patton Oswalt and Patrick Warburton show up as well.

I previously reviewed season 6.

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