Star Trek TNG: The Q Continuum — Q-Strike

{4.5/5} “You can’t be rid of me so readily… I’ll be back if I have to wait a million years, just wait and see… I won’t be forgetting you, Q. We’ll meet again, count on it… I hope you like games, young Q, because I know whom I’m testing next. You, Q, you.”

Star Trek TNG: The Q Continuum — Q-Strike by Greg Cox, published in 1998

The Enterprise has entered the galactic barrier, and a malevolent entity has merged with the telepathic Lem Faal. An entity banished millions of years ago by the Q. Meanwhile, Q is showing Captain Picard the results of the destruction of the Tkon Empire — Q and his acquaintances are on trial by the Q Continuum. When Picard and Q return to the Enterprise, they must contend with a Lem Faal who has acquired godlike powers.

This is the sequel to Q-Zone, and concludes the trilogy in fine fashion. It’s about working together, sacrifice, and forgiveness.

It features Quinn from VOY “Death Wish,” and the entity who thinks he’s God from Star Trek V.

I’ve read 12 books by Cox.

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