{4.5/5} “I still do not know why fires keep appearing at the edge of the plains. I have too many mysteries, and they have all come at the same time, like fruit that ripens at once. They might be the same kind of fruit, then, perhaps from the same tree. Which tree?”

Interference by Sue Burke, published in 2019

Karola discovers that she is the clone of NVA, architect of the Great Loss in which billions died. She will go to prison for that crime unless she leaves Earth — then an expedition is mounted to visit Pax. Meanwhile, on Pax Humans and Glassmakers and Stevland are getting along reasonably well. But it’s a dangerous world, and Glassmaker Queens still sometimes do outrageously stupid things.

This is the sequel to Semiosis.

It’s about beings who are trying to work together and beings who are trying to cause trouble. It’s about 3 species, some members of which think that their species is better than the others.

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Burke. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for what she does in the future.

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