Star Trek: Voyager — Pathways

{4.5/5} “He had a greater sense of purpose than he had ever imagined possible. Everything had always come so easily to him — love, approval, musical prowess — that he enjoyed taking on this overwhelming challenge. He used parts of himself that he’d never tapped before, muscles of the mind that had lain fallow for too many years. He felt an edge, a sharpness, in his thinking that hadn’t been there before.”

Star Trek: Voyager — Pathways by Jeri Taylor, published in 1998

When Chakotay and his away team are kidnapped and taken to a prison camp, they create an escape plan. They also tell each other about their lives before Voyager. Chakotay tells them he became a Maquis because the Cardassians destroyed the village he grew up in. Harry reveals that he was spoiled and pampered before he got to Starfleet Academy. B’Elanna reveals that she joined the Maquis because Chakotay rescued her from some Cardassians.

Taylor’s previous book provided back story for Janeway. This one provides back story for the other main characters — except the Doctor, who has no back story, and Seven, whose back story is murky and unpleasant.

Starfleet Academy gardener Boothby makes a nice appearance in Harry’s story.

The back stories fit very well into what we know about the characters. Each back story ends the same way — with their enthusiasm for joining Janeway’s crew.

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Taylor. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Voyager — Mosaic.

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