The presidential debate

Like 4 years ago, I didn’t watch the debate. But I read enough to understand what happened.

No one should have to watch a debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It’s ridiculous to pretend that it’s a reasonable activity. One of them is a debater, and the other is a bull in a china shop. Or as Cory Booker put it, one of them is playing chess and the other is turning over the board and throwing the pieces in the garbage.

And 40% of Americans said that Trump won the debate. If you can’t even admit that your guy lost the debate, you should be rethinking your life.

It’s ridiculous to pretend that Trump is a legitimate president. If it weren’t for Senate Republicans who failed to do their job, he wouldn’t even still be president.

There’s this thing people have persisted in doing over the last 4 years, calling him “Mr. President” and acting as if he might answer a question reasonably or might care about anything other than himself. I’m sure he loves to hear people call him “Mr. President” — people should refuse to do that and call him “45” instead (he’s the 45th president). That will drive him crazy.

Why should we drive him crazy? Because if he’s distracted maybe he won’t have a chance to do as many horrible things. Because every time you think that things can’t get more horrible, they get more horrible.

Joe Biden should refuse to debate him again unless he agrees that the moderator will have a mute button.

Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks points out in this video that some people who don’t follow politics regularly would have seen the debate and realized how insane 45 was. They also would have seen him support white supremacy, and the vast majority of voters aren’t going to support that.

Here’s Why Trump is About to Lose

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