{4/5} “All we know is that the brain truly believes the experiences we feel.”

Mirage, released in 2018

In 1989 on the day of a storm Nico discovers that his neighbour has killed his wife — but when he runs into the street he’s hit by a car and killed. Twenty-five years later Vera lives in the same house. On the day of a storm she finds Nico’s videotapes that he made of himself singing and playing guitar. Then the TV comes on by itself, and Nico is on it — Nico and Vera begin communicating 25 years apart.

It’s about the unexpected consequences of changing the past. It’s about what you would do to bring your daughter back to you.

It’s a bit slow to start, but once the communication is made it’s a mostly effective story.

Stars Adriana Ugarte and Julio Bohigas-Couto. Directed by Oriol Paulo (The Invisible Guest). The mysterious music is by Fernando Velázquez.

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