It Had to Be You

{5/5} “‘I think you’re a 10… Why, what do you think I am?’ ‘I think we just grade differently.'”

It Had to Be You, released in 2015

Sonia finds out that Chris is going to propose, and she freaks out. She loves him, but she just isn’t sure she’s ready for marriage. Although 2 of her best friends have already gotten married and the other is pregnant. She asks Chris to give her time to think about it, and he agrees. Meanwhile, she works as a composer and composer’s assistant for commercials. She eventually decides to do something bold — take a trip to Rome.

There’s much more awkwardness than most romantic comedies. It’s very funny.

It’s about people who aren’t quite on the same brain wavelength. It’s about the kind of things that happen in real life, like getting robbed in Europe and crying at your own wedding.

It’s about normal-ish people in love.

Stars Cristin Milioti and Dan Soder. Directed by Sasha Gordon (mostly works as a composer). The playful music is by Sasha Gordon.

I don’t usually watch movies with this low a rating on IMDb — but I thought with so few ratings, they might be wrong. I was right.

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