Star Trek: Discovery (season 3)

{5/5} “You had me at ‘unsanctioned mission.'” — Philippa Georgiou

Star Trek: Discovery season 3, aired in 2020

Burnham arrives 930 years in the future, and immediately runs into Book, a courier. He reveals that the Federation is gone, having fallen after a tragedy called the Burn. Discovery finally arrives as well, but it crashes into a planet where the ice is parasitic and a not-so-nice guy is in charge. Burnham reunites with Discovery and they go to Earth — but things are not what they expect when they arrive.

The season premiere is astonishing, and the episodes continue in the same fashion. Tilly as acting captain in the last 2 episodes was thrilling.

Visually, they did a superb job depicting the future. The initial skepticism of future Starfleet towards the Discovery crew was done well.

The season finale has a few odd things, but on the whole this is the season where the show lives up to its full potential.

In “Unification III” Discovery returns to the planet formerly known as Vulcan — and Burnham argues that they should reveal what they know about the Burn. In the 2-part “Terra Firma” Georgiou returns to the Mirror Universe by using the Guardian of Forever. In “There is a Tide…” the ruthless Osyraa has taken over Discovery and brings it into Federation headquarters.

The 1st “short trek” of the year started things off gloriously with an episode about Spock and Number One. In other short treks we find out why a cadet is handed Captain Pike as a prisoner, we hear a myth about the origin of the stars, and we follow 2 girls who dislike each other on the day Mars is attacked by synths.

Guest stars include David Cronenberg, Ian Alexander, and Paul Guilfoyle.

Stars Wilson Cruz, Rachael Ancheril, and David Ajala.

I previously reviewed season 2.

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