Star Trek: Voyager — Full Circle

{5/5} “Though it was most likely a futile gesture, Kahless had knowingly chosen to give Kopek an opportunity to reclaim his honor. He doubted the petQ would take it. Once a road was as well worn as the one Kopek currently walked, it was no mean feat for any man to willingly choose another. But Kahless believed that no Klingon was beyond saving.”

Star Trek: Voyager — Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer, published in 2009

Tom and B’Elanna’s daughter Miral has been kidnapped. She is the quarry of two secret Klingon societies, one that wants to protect her and the other that wants to kill her. Captain Chakotay, Tom, Harry, and Admiral Janeway take Voyager to meet B’Elanna in Klingon space. Seven and the Doctor, who work at a think tank, also manage to get themselves aboard.

This novel picks up where Enemy of My Enemy left off. But a lot has happened in the story of the 24th century between when that one was written and this one. This book was written to catch the Voyager novels up with those events — in a lesser writer’s hands that could have been clunky, but in Beyer’s it’s eloquent.

If you’re only reading the Voyager novels, you’ll want to read TNG: Before Dishonor and the Destiny trilogy before reading (the 2nd half of) this book.

The 1st half features Emperor Kahless, Ambassador Worf, and Chancellor Martok. In the 2nd half Dr. Louis Zimmerman and Naomi Wildman show up. 

It’s about sacrifice, grief, and astonishing events.

I’ve read 2 novels by Beyer so far. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Voyager — String Theory: Fusion. She has written all of the Voyager relaunch novels in the last 12 years.

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