Murdoch Mysteries (season 14)

{5/5} “Invented by a French chap… to allow a truly universal language. Effie, if everybody learned this we could communicate with people from China, Russia, Mars, Venus, Quebec!” — George

Murdoch Mysteries season 14, aired in 2021

When vaudeville performers are in town, Murdoch arrests Stan Laurel for the attempted murder of Charlie Chaplin. Meanwhile, Higgins has big news — he’s going to be a father. When Bobby Brackenreid is accused of murder in Hamilton the Inspector, Murdoch, and Watts go to Hamilton to sort things out. Murdoch receives a message, through unusual means, from his old friend James Pendrick — and must once again investigate a murder associated with him. Meanwhile, Miss Hart starts dating a rich white man, to some people’s consternation.

I like how Julia finds the vaudeville performers hilarious while William doesn’t laugh at all.

It’s a shorter season than usual, but packed with brilliant episodes. In the 2-part season finale, big events are in store for all the main characters.

Peter Stebbings plays James Pendrick, and Shailene Garnett plays Nomi Johnston.

I previously reviewed season 13.

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