The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

{5/5} “‘Why didn’t you use the metal arm?’ ‘I don’t always think of it immediately, I’m right handed.'”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, aired in 2021

Sam Wilson gives up Captain America’s shield so it can be put in a museum. But he’s still helping the US military take out bad guys that he is uniquely qualified to deal with — like a group that’s kidnapped a US military liaison from an airplane and trying to get him into Libya. Meanwhile, Bucky Barnes is having nightmares and lying to his psychotherapist. Apart from making amends for things he did when he was forced to work for Hydra, he’s not sure what else to do. Sam and Bucky team up to track down a new enemy who’s more powerful than he should be.

This miniseries contains 6 episodes — they certainly could have done many more.

The visuals of Falcon’s flight through the canyons of Tunisia are stunning and movie quality.

You might think that a group with the slogan “One world, one people” would be the good guys — but not in this show. Every episode gets better and better, and the ending of the finale is beautiful.

It’s about what it means to be Captain America, making amends, and dealing with tricky ethical questions.

The 2nd last episode and the last episode have mid-credits scenes.

Guest stars include Don Cheadle, Daniel Brühl, Emily VanCamp, and Florence Kasumba.

Stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

Created by Malcolm Spellman (writer on Empire). The action packed music is by Henry Jackman.

The previous TV show I watched that’s part of the MCU was WandaVision.

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