Friends: The Reunion

{5/5} “Wow. This is beautiful. It’s beautiful — look at that.” — David Schwimmer’s first words on seeing the old set

Friends: The Reunion, aired in 2021

Seventeen years after Friends goes off the air the 6 main cast members reunite for a special. They return to the iconic set and share memories. James Corden interviews them. We also see the creators of the show, and some special guest stars.

If you like the show Friends, you will love this reunion. I’m not sure exactly how much of the show I saw, but I saw quite a bit of it. It’s very funny.

As for the reunion, it’s probably one of the best — all the cast is there, they visit the set, they answer questions, and reveal one or two things you didn’t know. There are also some brilliant bloopers and other behind the scenes footage.

Someone makes the point that it was really an ensemble show rather than having one star, which was a new concept for a sitcom.

The cast obviously were and are friends.

It makes me want to rewatch the series.

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