{4.5/5} “‘I want to stop feeling evil,’ Thovalt said. ‘That is our legacy, the taint of evil, of being part of a terrible, terrible wrong. We are all stained by it. You have built a little Burdania and try to pretend it is the world, and maybe most of you can, and if you can, I hate you. I hate you.‘”

Legacies by Alison Sinclair, published in 1995

Sixty-six years ago spaceships left Burdania but there was a terrible unexpected consequence. The drives on the ships ruined the planet. Now some have returned to investigate whether anyone has survived on their planet of origin. When they arrive they find the locals using no technology, so they decide to observe. Lian runs into 2 of the people, and he decides to go with them.

Chapters set in the present are interspersed with ones set a few years prior, the time when the decision was made to undertake the mission. Both storylines build to a terrific conclusion.

It’s about cultures separated by species, cultures separated by time, and the struggle to understand other beings.

I’ve read 3 books by Sinclair. I previously reviewed Cavalcade.

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