The Gaslight Dogs

{4.5/5} “‘Sometimes,’ Sjenn said, ‘the Dog must kill.’ It was the thing that had brought her here to this Kabliw world. It was the anger that had proven to be shallow soil in their conversation, anger that now seemed distant on the Land, unmarked even by the stones of memory. The captain now understood what it felt to be threatened, where the only recourse was attack.”

The Gaslight Dogs by Karin Lowachee, published in 2010

Sjenn is a spiritwalker — she has the spirit of a Dog inside her. When a southerner with a gun enters her family’s dwelling she kills him. She’s taken prisoner and on a boat on the way to a trial, she kills a priest. When the captain goes to see what’s happened, he finds not just Sjenn in her cage but also a wolf. On land again, she’s visited by General Fawle who makes her an offer — he will take her out of prison if she will help him.

It’s about the clash of civilizations, following orders that are infuriating and make no sense, and a magic that is to some wonderful and to others horrifying.

The plot is a bit unusual, in a good way — you don’t know what’s going to happen. The story is worth reading for its unique setting and ideas.

She intends to write more books in this world, and I will definitely read them.

I’ve read all 4 novels by Lowachee. I previously read her astonishing Warchild trilogy.

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