{5/5} “‘Oh, you’re gorgeous.’ ‘What’s that?’ ‘Just talkin’ to my sheep.'”

Rams, released in 2020

Colin and Les haven’t spoken in 40 years. But they’re brothers and they live next door to each other. They’re both sheep farmers, and this year Les’s sheep wins the top prize at the fair. But when Colin has a look at the sheep afterwards he thinks it has a contagious disease. The veterinarian confirms it. When all the farmers in the whole neighbourhood are ordered to slaughter their sheep, Les says he’s not going to do it.

Although it’s based on a movie from Iceland, this one will make you think it’s uniquely Australian. The situation is serious, but there are some funny parts — like when Colin rigs a doorbell on his gate.

It’s about people whose livelihoods are going to be taken away from them, some of whom are more stubborn than others. It’s about old grudges, and old friendships.

Sam Neill is mesmerizing, as always.

Stars Michael Caton and Miranda Richardson. Directed by Jeremy Sims (Last Cab to Darwin). The gentle music is by Antony Partos.

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