Star Trek: The Last Roundup

{4.5/5} “It’s noble to die for a friend, for someone you love and value. But how much nobler — and harder — is it to die for a stranger? Commander Sandra Lower died for people she had never met. And she made that choice freely. Now that, cadets, is a command decision.”

Star Trek: The Last Roundup by Christie Golden, published in 2002

Captain James T. Kirk is teaching cadets when his two nephews show up to tell him about a new colony they’re starting. They want him to come with them. Kirk decides to go, at least for a few months, and asks Scotty and Chekov to go too. The Huanni and the Falorians live in neighbouring systems but haven’t interacted in centuries — Kirk finds that suspicious. Meanwhile, Chancellor Azetbur vows to repay the debt that she owes Kirk.

This story takes place after Star Trek VI.

It’s about people who would do anything for their brother, even if it involves dealing with shady characters. It’s about people who have held grudges for centuries, and people who have kept a secret.

The story involves the entire former crew of the Enterprise, including Captain Sulu aboard the Excelsior. All fans of The Original Series will be glad they read this terrific novel.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 12 books by Golden. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Voyager — Spirit Walk: Enemy of My Enemy.

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