The Dark Forest

{4.5/5} “Once the Wallfacer mission and identity were granted, they could not be refused or abandoned. This impossibility was not due to any individual’s coercion but because cold logic, as determined by the project’s very nature, meant that once someone became a Wallfacer, an invisible and impenetrable screen was immediately thrown up between them and ordinary people that made their every action significant.”

The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu, published in 2008

The Trisolarans’ fleet is on its way to Earth to destroy humanity, but it will take 340 years to arrive. Humans are already preparing for war — starting the decades-long process of constructing their own space fleet. Meanwhile, members of the Earth-Trisolaris Organization work with the Trisolarans in order to defeat humanity. Meanwhile, other people think humanity should construct colony ships rather than war ships so some people can escape.

This is the sequel to The Three-Body Problem.

It’s about technological progress, preparing for war, and how humanity’s attitudes can change over time.

The concept of the Wallfacers is intriguing.

I’ve read 2 books by Liu.

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