The Second Summoning

{4.5/5} “Look, Claire tends to see things in terms of what she has to do to keep the world from falling apart. Close an accident site here, prevent the movie remake of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ there, keep you from being hurt, feed the cat — everything’s an absolute. She doesn’t compromise well, it’s an occupational hazard.”

The Second Summoning by Tanya Huff, published in 2001

Claire and Dean have been together for a week, travelling to wherever Claire is Summoned. But Claire tells Dean they can’t do it anymore — someday they will run into something she can’t protect him from, and she can’t allow that to happen. Once he’s gone, though, she misses him too much — and thinks about him at inopportune times, like when she;s saving the world. So she goes to the one person she knows who can find him — her sister Diana.

This is the sequel to Summon the Keeper.

It’s a fun romp with old friends Claire, Dean, Austin, and Diana. It’s about an angel who doesn’t know what his mission is, and a demon who gets invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

It takes place in various places in Ontario — including Toronto, Lucan, and Kingston.

I’ve read 3 books by Huff.

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