{4.5/5} “”Something tried to eat me,’ she said. ‘Something ate all the organic parts of my suit, and all my hair, then excreted the junk right here. Including me.’ She noted in passing that she was glad the thing had classified her as junk.”

Titan by John Varley, published in 1979

The Ringmaster’s mission is to explore Saturn. The crew discover a new moon, which they name Themis. Then they discover 6 points of light on Themis, which they don’t think are natural. When they get close something with tentacles reaches out to grab them. When Cirocco Jones wakes up, she’s not sure where she is but she can breathe and there’s something that looks like grass and trees.

If you’re interested in visiting a strange new world, this is the book for you.

I like how they, not being superstitious, named their “boat” the Titanic.

It’s about exploration, friendship, and adventure.

This is the 2nd novel I’ve read by Varley. I previously reviewed Mammoth.

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