{4.5/5} “You may be dying, but don’t let it affect those who love you most. Replacement is a gift to them.”

Dual, released in 2022

Sarah finds out she’s dying from an incurable rare disease. She decides to sign up for Replacement, where they clone you and after you die your clone carries on your life. The clone is produced quickly, and Sarah introduces her to things she likes and dislikes. But the clone starts taking over her life before she’s even died, including going out with her boyfriend Peter.

This movie has an astonishingly consistent level of black humour throughout. It’s filled with crazy situations with people acting as if they’re normal.

If you’re up for something unusual, give this a try.

Karen Gillan is terrific as Sarah and Sarah’s Double.

Directed by Riley Stearns (The Art of Self-Defense).

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    The IMDb rating is absurdly low. This movie has apparently not reached its audience yet.

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