The Sea Beast

{4.5/5} “And remember, live a great life and die a great death!”

The Sea Beast, released in 2022

Captain Crow is the most famous of hunters and the Inevitable is the most famous of hunter ships. They hunt sea beasts. One such beast, the Red Bluster, lost Crow his eye. Crow tells his adopted son Jacob that the ship will be his once they kill Red Bluster Maisie escapes from an orphanage to join Crow and his crew on their next adventure.

This is an animated movie that’s very funny.

It goes in a direction you might not be too surprised about, given other movies with a similar tone. But it’s lots of fun.

The conversations between Jacob and Maisie are delightful.

One more quotation: “You can be a hero and still be wrong.”

Stars the voices of Karl Urban, Jared Harris, and Zaris-Angel Hator. Directed by Chris Williams (Moana). The adventurous music is by Mark Mancina.

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