Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Revenant

{4.5/5} “Joined Trill protected the memories of all the hosts of their symbiont. As the sum of these lives, these individuals discovered amazing things, traveled boldly, and advanced Trill civilization… One who carried a symbiont inside them also carried the hopes and dreams of every Trill for a better future.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Revenant by Alex White, published in 2021

Jadzia Dax’s old friend Etom Prit comes to Deep Space Nine. He has a mission for the Trill government, but he’s really there to ask her to go see his granddaughter Nemi, who Dax used to be close to. Nemi failed as an initiate to become joined, and now she’s at a casino. Dax initially says no, but then she has a hallucination — she has a feeling that something is very wrong.

This is the 1st DS9 novel in 20 years to take place during the series.

If you’re a fan of Dax, this is the book for you. Kira, Bashir, and Worf also have important roles.

I like when people who were previously against you are now on your side because of what happened last time — that happens with Dr. Renhol here (from “Equilibrium”).

Dax finally finds out what happened to previous host Toran.

Dax and Worf bonding over Klingon opera is nice.

This is the 1st book I’ve read by White.

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