A Prayer for the Crown-Shy

{5/5} “The point of a peb exchange is to acknowledge someone’s labor and thank them for what they bring to the community. They didn’t give you thirty-eight pebs because they want you to go out and spend them. They gave you thirty-eight pebs because your work is as important as anybody else’s. It means they see you as a person.”

A Prayer for the Crown-Shy by Becky Chambers, published in 2022

Dex is returning to civilization. They are accompanied by Mosscap, the robot they met in the forest. Mosscap has a question for humans: what do you need? When they get to a town called Stump, the humans there answer Mosscap’s question by saying various chores they could use a hand with.

This is the 2nd Monk and Robot novella, a sequel to A Psalm for the Wild-Built.

It’s about humans who live in harmony with the world, and a robot with boundless curiosity. It’s about what people need from life.

I like the concept of the ramble, where you spend a month in neighbouring areas to see how they do things.

I’ve read 7 books by Chambers.

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