Best computer games from 1985

My 2 favourite computer games from when I was a kid are available on the web.

The computer we had at the time was a Commodore 128. Other games I played include Bruce Lee, Impossible Mission, Jumpman, and Space Taxi.

Lode Runner

You control a guy who moves around and collects gold. You have to avoid the bad guys or dig holes for them to fall into — when they’re in a hole you can run across their heads. It had 150 levels plus a way for you to create your own levels. It was originally made by a company called Broderbund. It’s available here:

Lode Runner Web Game


This is a text adventure game, which means you type in commands like “go north” or “get lamp” or “kill troll with sword”. You had to draw a map of how to get from room to room, otherwise you’d get lost. The object was to collect all the treasures and put them in one place — there was a limit to how much you could carry at one time. It was originally made by a company called Infocom. It’s available here:


Here’s some information about the game and its successors:

The History of Zork

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    Here’s another great article about Zork: “The Enduring Legacy of Zork” by Elizabeth Woyke.

  2. Dave Switzer Says:

    The best computer game from 1995 is Tetris, and the best computer game from 2005 is Spider Solitaire.

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