Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (season 4)

{5/5} “Nice hat.” — Worf, meeting Kira for the 1st time as she’s exiting a holosuite

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 4, aired in 1995-96

Sisko has been promoted to captain. General Martok brings a group of Klingons to the station — a lot of Klingons. He says they’re ready to fight the Dominion. When the Klingons start causing trouble doing things their way Sisko asks for some help — and he gets Commander Worf. They then discover that the Klingons are actually going to attack the Cardsassians.

The relationship between Sisko and Kasidy Yates is a nice part of the show. It’s a bit odd that Bashir calls O’Brien “Chief” even after spending lots of time together.

I like how Sisko convinces Worf to stay in Starfleet.

One more quotation: “‘Life is a great deal more complicated in this red uniform.’ ‘Wait til you get four pips on your collar. You’ll wish you had gone into botany.'” — Worf & Sisko

In “The Visitor” an elderly Jake Sisko receives a visitor who asks him why he only wrote 2 books. In “Indiscretion” Kira and Dukat go on a mission together to find survivors of a crashed ship, and Kira is surprised to find that Dukat has a daughter from a relationship he had with a Bajoran woman. In “Homefront” Sisko travels to Earth when it’s discovered that Founders are there. In “Sons of Mogh” Kurn believes his life is over and he’s ready to die.

Guest stars include J. G. Hertzler, Tony Todd, Brock Peters, and Jeffrey Combs.

Duncan Regehr plays Shakaar, Camille Saviola plays Opaka, and Felecia M. Bell plays Jennifer Sisko.

Stars Michael Dorn, Aron Eisenberg, and Rosalind Chao.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

I previously reviewed season 3.

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