The English

{5/5} “It cannot be that this whole country is only full of killers and thieves.”

The English, aired in 2022

Cornelia Locke has come from England to the US to avenge the death of her son. She rescues Eli Whipp, a Pawnee man, and he later rescues her. He’s about to leave her alone when she convinces him to help her get to where she’s going. They learn about each other on the way — Eli has lost many family and friends to violence and disease. She’s got a lot of money, and that’s why some people were after her. He’s looking for a piece of land to call his own.

This is a 6-part miniseries. It’s beautifully filmed.

It’s pretty serious, but very well done. It’s about people of varying morals, all dangerous. Aside from conversations between Cornelia and Eli, every conversation is tense — with the possibility of violence.

It’s about love and revenge. It’s about how white people and native people were treated 130 years ago.

I missed one or two subtleties.

The graceful music is by Federico Jusid. The theme has a hint of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to it.

Guest stars include Stephen Rea, CiarĂ¡n Hinds, and Toby Jones.

Stars Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer.

Created by Hugo Blick (writer on Black Earth Rising).

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