Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — The 34th Rule

{4.5/5} “Earlier, Quark had heard the shapeshifter come in, had heard the strange liquid rushing sound Odo made whenever he moved quickly, no matter his form. The sound, though nearly subaudible, was unmistakable to Ferengi ears. Quark had never let on to Odo that he could sometimes hear the internal flow of the changeling’s fluidal anatomy.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — The 34th Rule by Armin Shimerman & David R. George III, published in 1999

When Grand Nagus Zek obtains an Orb of the Prophets he , of course, puts it up for auction. The Bajorans bid on it but it’s not the highest bid. When it’s clear the Bajorans won’t be getting their orb back, they retaliate — if the Nagus doesn’t change his mind all Frengi will be expelled from their space, including Quark and Rom, and they won’t be able to go through the wormhole to do business in the Gamma Quadrant.

In addition to the regulars, First Minister Shakaar and Kai Winn appear.

It’s about dealing with people who have different values than you. I’s about an escalating conflict, and people who are caught in the middle.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

This is the only novel I’ve read by Shimerman.

I’ve read 15 novels by George. I previously reviewed Star Trek: The Lost Era — One Constant Star.

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