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Stopping Doug Ford from doing terrible things

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We need to stop Doug Ford from doing the most terrible of the terrible things he has planned. Martin Lukacs in The Guardian points out we’ve done it before, under Mike Harris. People who care will need to focus on what’s important and make their voices heard. Doug Ford’s disastrous agenda can be derailed by […]

The library at Alexandria

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I’ve always been fascinated by the library at Alexandra. Here’s a video that tells you a few things about it — like when it was built, and the scientific breakthroughs made there. The one thing everybody knows about it is that it was destroyed in a fire — except that’s probably not true. The video […]

Try sanctioning Trump instead of the US

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Governments around the world dealing with the current US administration need to think outside the box. This is not a normal administration. Scott Gilmore in Maclean’s has come up with a brilliant idea. Pointing out that Trump failed to divest himself of his business interests, contrary to all other presidents before him, Gilmore suggests these […]

Oldest wooden sculpture is 11 500 years old

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The wooden sculpture known as the Shigir Idol has been carbon dated, giving us a better idea of how old it is — and it turns out it’s twice as old as the Egyptian Pyramids. It was discovered by gold miners in 1894 and it’s amazing it’s survived as much as it has. More details, including […]

War was outlawed in 1928

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In this article from Scientific American, Michael Shermer points out that war was outlawed in 1928. I was pretty surprised — I’d never heard of this. But it’s true — it’s called the General Pact for the Renunciation of War, also known as the Kellogg–Briand Pact, and was originally signed by France, Germany, and the […]

The case against Donald Trump

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Here’s a sobering interview with journalist Sarah Kendzior in which she points out that things people are surprised about now were actually known months or years ago and the problem is that no one did anything about them. She has plenty of blame to throw around. “The Mafia White House”: My no-holds-barred interview on The […]

The case against the Republican Party

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Jonathan Rauch and Benjamin Wittes at The Atlantic argue that the time has come for everyone, liberals and conservatives and everyone else, to boycott the Republican Party. They’re very clear about their reasoning: the Republican Party “has proved unable or unwilling (mostly unwilling) to block assaults by Trump and his base on the rule of […]

Commodore computers

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If, like me, you played games and programmed as a kid on a Commodore computer, you might find this site interesting. It has information about the computers they built — such as the PET, the VIC 20, and the 64. It also has information about the company, advertising, and even downloadable programs if you’re still […]

What your ancestors looked like and did

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This tale with drawings by Tim Urban starts with your most recent ancestors and goes back in time. It describes what your great grandfather might have been doing in the 1800s, and what your great500 grandfather might have been doing in 11 000 BC. Going further back to before there were humans, you get to […]

Against gay marriage because of the Bible

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Do you know anyone who is against gay marriage because of the Bible? Please set them straight. Here are 2 ways to do so. They both amount to the same thing — if  you’re going to be against gay marriage because one verse in Leviticus forbids it, then you need to be against all the […]