Get Low

{4.5/5} “We like to imagine that good and bad, right and wrong, are miles apart. But the truth is, very often they are all tangled up with each other.”

Get Low, released in 2010

In the 1930s Felix is a hermit who puts up “no trespassing” signs and scares kids away by shooting his rifle into the air. The movie’s title comes from Felix’s phrase “get low” which means get down to business. He decides that he wants to have a funeral for himself — before he dies. Frank is a funeral director who is happy to take his money. Mattie is a woman that Felix knew 40 years ago before he became a hermit. Buddy, who works at the funeral home with Frank, gives Felix the benefit of the doubt and gets to know him.

What happens when you do something that’s so horrible you can’t forgive yourself? If you’re a master carpenter, perhaps you would build a beautiful church. Perhaps you would remove yourself from the company of others, in order to punish yourself. And at some point, perhaps you would want people to know the truth about what happened.

The movie is an interesting portrait of an unusual man — it’s not every day you meet someone who has absented themselves from society for 40 years. The acting and setting convince you that you’re in an earlier time.

Robert Duvall plays Felix — of course, he’s not a hermit in real life but he will make you believe that he is. Bill Murray plays Frank — I wouldn’t be surprised if the role was written for him. Sissy Spacek (the mom in Blast From the Past) plays Mattie. Lucas Black (Mike in Friday Night Lights), who I was previously unaware of, does a nice job as Buddy. Bill Cobbs and Gerald McRaney have smaller roles, both as preachers.

The music is fittingly old fashioned — a nice change from the usual. The movie was directed by Aaron Schneider, who was previously a cinematographer.

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