Music part 2: popular

I used to sing in an all-male a cappella quartet. So that’s one type of music that I like — the Nylons and the Essentials, as well as the Flying Pickets, the House Jacks, the Alley Cats, and the Bobs.

I like songs where I can understand the lyrics — otherwise what’s the point of having lyrics? I’m not a big fan of country or hip hop, although there are some songs in those styles that I like. I like jazz but I’m not very knowledgeable about it. The time when I listened to the radio the most is the late 1980s so that era is certainly well represented in my collection.

Artists I’ve seen live: the Arrogant Worms, Tracy Bonham, the Essentials, Harmonytryx, Henry & the Folk, Moxy Früvous, the Nylons, and Sweet William.

Artists whose entire careers I am following (followed in the case of Moxy Früvous as they’re no longer together):

  • Lily Allen — “Alright, Still”, “It’s Not Me, It’s You”
  • The Arrogant Worms — C’est Cheese, Russell’s Shorts, Toast!, Torpid, Idiot Road, Dirt!, Beige…
  • The Essentials — Oh What a Night, …And Then Some, Bare, Nothing But Blue
  • Garfunkel & Oates — All Over Your Face, Music Songs, Slippery When Moist
  • Moxy Früvous — Bargainville, Thornhill, Wood, You Will Go to the Moon, The b Album…
  • The Nylons — Because, Four on the Floor, Happy Together, One Size Fits All, Play On…

Artists I’ve followed a lot of their career:

  • Billy Joel — The Bridge, River of Dreams, Storm Front, Greatest Hits (2)
  • Huey Lewis & the News — Fore!, Picture This, Small World, Sports, Hard at Play…

Artists I have multiple albums from:

  • The Beatles — 1262-1966, 1967-1970
  • Canadian Brass — Basin Street, Best of the Canadian Brass
  • Phil Collins — No Jacket Required, …Hits
  • Michael Jackson — Thriller, Bad
  • Shel Neufeld — Wooden Reflections, Call of the Wild

Artists I have one amazing album from:

  • Abba — Gold
  • All Saints — All Saints
  • The Alley Cats — Cruisin’
  • Mark Anthony — Mark Anthony
  • At Last — Slow It Down
  • Barenaked Ladies — Gordon
  • The Beach Boys — The Greatest Hits
  • Shannon Beynon — My Illusion
  • The Bobs — The Best of the Bobs: 20 Songs, 20 Years
  • Tracy Bonham — Down Here
  • Cibo Matto — Viva! La Woman
  • Henry & the Folk — Bustrip Songbook
  • Holly Cole Trio — Don’t Smoke in Bed
  • Miles Davis — Kind of Blue
  • Eurythmics — Greatest Hits
  • Fine Young Cannibals — The Raw & the Cooked
  • The Flying Pickets — Only You… The Best of the Flying Pickets
  • Gowan — Best Of…
  • Harmonytryx — The Instrument Alternative
  • The House Jacks — Naked Noise
  • INXS — Kick
  • Jackson 5 — The Ultimate Collection
  • Janet Jackson — Control
  • Elton John — Greatest Hits 1976-1986
  • Madonna — The Immaculate Collection
  • Chuck Mangione — Best of Chuck Mangione
  • The Police — Greatest Hits
  • The Proclaimers — Sunshine on Leith
  • Radio Free Vestibule (now known as The Vestibules) — Sketches Songs and Shoes
  • Paul Simon — Greatest Hits: Shining Like a National Guitar
  • Spice Girls — Greatest Hits
  • Sting — Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984-1994
  • Sweet William — Sweet William
  • The Temptations — The Best of, Volume 1: The 60s (The Millenium Collection)
  • Bruce Willis — The Return of Bruno

Other artists worth mentioning (that I have three or more songs from):

  • The Bangles
  • Beyoncé
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Genesis
  • Honeymoon Suite
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Roy Orbison
  • Queen
  • The Rolling Stones
  • U2
  • Wham!
  • Steve Winwood

And I have four albums of popular music from various artists:

  • The Best of 1985 (The Millenium Collection)
  • The Best of 1986 (The Millenium Collection)
  • The Best of 1987 (The Millenium Collection)
  • The Number 1 Jazz Album

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