The Station Agent

{4.5/5} “Well, there are people called train chasers. They follow a train and they film it.”

The Station Agent, released in 2003

Fin works in a model train shop with his good friend Henry. When Henry dies he leaves Fin some land in the country with an abandoned train station on it. Fin is a dwarf and is subject to a lot of ridicule in everyday life — it doesn’t take him long to decide to go live in the train station, far away from people. But the new people he meets there stubbornly refuse to let him be a hermit.

This is another low budget movie with a focus on the characters. Each of the characters are trying to connect with other people — everyone wants to connect with people who seem good. Even if they’re very different from you in some ways.

I liked it a lot — it grabbed me a bit more than Another Earth. A movie about the simple pleasure of friendship appeals to me.

You’ll likely recognize Peter Dinklage (Elf and the TV show Game of Thrones), Patricia Clarkson (The Green Mile and Lars and the Real Girl), and Michelle Williams (Brokeback Mountain and Shutter Island). The movie was directed by Tom McCarthy (The Visitor and Win Win), and it was his directorial debut.

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