America’s Got Talent (seasons 1 – 7)

{4.5/5} “One thing about our show is that we get to see these gems because there’s no other stage for them than ours.” — Sharon Osbourne

America’s Got Talent seasons 1 – 7, aired in 2006-12

This show is, of course, extremely similar to Canada’s Got Talent. It’s the same format: Contestants get 90 seconds to wow the 3 judges, unless all the judges hit their buzzers. The judges vote and if at least 2 of them vote yes the contestants get to go on to the next round. In succeeding rounds viewers at home can vote for their favourite contestants.

I love how normal people get up on stage and show their amazing talent. I’m a fan of the audition shows — once the contestants have been whittled down to a group of very talented people, I’m not as interested in which one of them people vote for. The auditions for this season have ended and the whittling down begins next week.

In season 2 the big winner was a ventriloquist, Terry Fator, which I thought was great — Fator combines ventriloquism and singing. Two acts from the show made their way into my music collection. I have At Last’s album “Slow It Down.” And the Eriam Sisters’ song “I Want You Back.”

Some of the acts you’ll want to see in season 7:

  • The Earth harp: A guy built an instrument whose wires extend from the stage up to the balcony
  • Glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs
  • Speed painters
  • The crossbow
  • A ventriloquist whose “dummy” is his real live dog
  • A mind reader (I have no idea how he did it)

plus amazing singers, dancers, magicians, jugglers, and at least one comedian.

The current judges are Sharon Osbourne — a music producer, star of the reality show The Osbournes, and perhaps most famously wife of Ozzy Osbourne. Howie Mandel — a comedian, actor, and game show host. And Howard Stern — a radio personality, as well as author and TV host. The host is Nick Cannon — an actor, record producer, and husband of Mariah Carey. Cannon is a bit silly — or maybe the producers require him to be — but he can also be funny.

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