The Big C (season 3)

{4.5/5} “I can remember thinking in my dream: Wow, I have to remember when I wake up that I can fly.”

The Big C season 3, aired in 2012

Cathy’s cancer treatments are working but she’s still having trouble getting her life together — one thing she would like is to have another baby. Husband Paul finds himself a new career as a motivational speaker. Son Adam (Gabriel Basso, Super 8) finds religion. And Brother Sean (John Benjamin Hickey, Flags of Our Fathers) becomes part of an unusual relationship. Andrea (Gabourey Sidibe, Precious), who now wants to be known as Ababu, becomes Paul’s assistant.

Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise) is the big guest star this season — she plays Joy, a motivational speaker who convinces Paul to follow in her footsteps. Allison Janney (the TV show The West Wing) also stops by — she plays a movie producer. Alan Alda (the TV show M*A*S*H) continues to play Cathy’s doctor.

Things were a bit less serious this season — Cathy’s health is good for now. Andrea is the most normal person on the show — the other main characters all get into some pretty crazy situations. Unexpected things happen on this show all the time, like in real life. It’s still a great show but didn’t have quite the same impact as the first 2 seasons.

I didn’t mention the theme song last time so I’ll mention it now — it has the perfect combination of lyrics and music for this show. It’s called “Game Called Life” and was written and performed by Leftover Cuties.

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