The IT Crowd (season 3)

{4/5} “You best put seat belts on your ears, Roy, cause I’m going to take them for the ride of their life.”

The highlight of season 3 is in “Are We Not Men?” when Roy and Moss pretend to know about soccer in order to talk to “real men.” InĀ “The Speech” Jen wins employee of the month. She has to give a speech, so Roy and Moss write a speech for her — because she still doesn’t know anything about computers, they know they can get her to say something silly.

Season 3 of The IT Crowd originally aired in 2008. If you want to think of the show as brilliant, just watch the first season — it goes downhill a bit.

I don’t like it when we’re supposed to laugh at bad things happening to people. When something unfortunate is happening to someone, whether they’re in physical or mental pain, I don’t find that funny at all. For example, when Roy takes his shirt off because it has a coffee stain on it he gets kicked out of the building by security. He doesn’t have any money on him so he starts asking people on the street for money to make a phone call. There are people laughing on the laugh track all through this but it’s not funny.

Douglas the boss is played by Matt Berry (AD/BC: A Rock Opera). He’s ostensibly the son of the previous boss, even though there doesn’t seem to be a big enough difference in their ages.

The theme music was composed by Neil Hannon (Wide Open Spaces). It’s catchy and suits the humorous IT-related nature of the show.

I previously reviewed seasons 1 & 2.

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