Angel & Faith 1: Live Through This

{4.5/5} “Now I get it. We get punched so many times our faces are one big bruise, so we blend in with the night. Best plan ever.”

Angel and Faith are working together, helping the helpless. Angel is trying to bring you-know-who (I don’t want to spoil it if you don’t know) back from the dead. Faith doesn’t think that’s such a great plan, but she’s sticking by him for now. The first step is to get some blood of a Mohra demon, because of course that regenerates any body parts.

Angel & Faith 1: Live Through This is a graphic novel that was just published in July. Angel was a TV show, a spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that lasted 5 brilliant seasons. Now it’s a comic book. There was a whole set that constituted season 6 and now we’re in season 7 — taking place at the same time as Buffy season 9.

In addition to the main Angel & Faith storyline, there’s also a story focussing on our old friend Harmony.

The stories were written by Christos Gage (the comic book Avengers Academy), and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs and Phil Noto.

I like the artwork by Isaacs quite a bit — she has the main characters down pat, and her panels fit very well with the style of the story.

Angel and Faith are two characters who have done things they regret — but they try to do what’s right in the present. Generally this consists of helping humans and killing demons. There are some funny parts. The author has captured the essence of the characters and gives us an interesting story.

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