Battlestar Galactica: Complete Omnibus V.1

{5/5} “We have to be strong. They know our weaknesses. And they’ll do anything to exploit them.”

The Galactica comes across a ship with humans on it asking for help. But the people on the ship can’t be who they say they are, because they’re all dead — including Zak, Commander Adama’s son. Some suspect they’re Cylons, but supposedly there are only 12 models of the Cylons who look like humans — and there are 33 people on the ship. Others believe that this ship fulfills a prophecy in the Sacred Scrolls — in which is says the dead shall return.

Battlestar Galactica: Complete Omnibus V.1 is a graphic novel that was published in 2009. Battlestar Galactica (the reimagined version) was a TV show that lasted 4 seasons — every episode was amazing. There are also 3 original novels and a few comic books. This story takes place during the second season of the TV show.

The main story was written by Greg Pak (the comic book The Incredible Hulk) and illustrated by Nigel Raynor. The short story focussing on the Pegasus was written by Brandon Jerwa (the comic book G. I. Joe) and illustrated by Jonathan Lau.

The artwork is OK in itself but the characters don’t look a whole lot like their counterparts from TV.

But the story is superb — both the characters and events fit right in with the TV show. Pak captures the tense something-is-always-going-wrong atmosphere. He gives us a new aspect to the Cylons’ plan that we never heard about before — and provides a reason for the fact that we never heard about it. If you’re a fan of the show, I highly recommend this book — you won’t be able to put it down.

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