Movies that had the wrong title

Alice in Wonderland

I’m talking about the Tim Burton movie from 2010. The Alice in Wonderland story is a very well known story (written by Lewis Carroll) that’s been filmed many times. But this isn’t that story — this is a sequel that takes place when Alice is a young woman and about to be married. It certainly could have been called Alice’s Return to Wonderland (or something like that) but it just doesn’t make sense to call it Alice in Wonderland.

I, Robot

This is a Will Smith movie from 2004, directed by Alex Proyas. It’s a decent science fiction action movie, although some of the action is a bit unbelievable. I, Robot is the title of a collection of stories by Isaac Asimov — an extremely well known title in science fiction circles, and a highly regarded collection (which I would give 5/5). The problem is that people who see the movie might think that this is what an Asimov story is like. If you’re not even going to try to film an author’s story (the credits say the movie was “suggested by” the book), don’t use their title.

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