Batman: Cacophony

{4/5} “My whole life… all of this. It’s all because I never want to see death first-hand again.”

A villain who kills superheroes (those who are normal humans) is after Batman. This mysterious person only speaks the sounds of fighting like “pow” and “blam” — one might call him Onomatopoeia. He breaks the Joker out of Arkham Asylum in order to keep Batman on his toes. Meanwhile, Maxie Zeus has taken the Joker’s venom and turned it into a designer drug people call “chuckles.”

Batman: Cacophony by Kevin Smith was published in 2009.

Batman is suitably determined, the Joker is suitably crazy, and the new villain is suitably mysterious. I liked this book but I was expecting to like it more. Contrary to a blurb on the back cover, I didn’t find it as funny as his movies. It doesn’t feel like a self-contained story — it feels like part one. The Wandering Gyre is a sequel which Smith himself says is better — I might check it out one of these days.

Kevin Smith is the writer/director of hilarious movies such as Clerks and Dogma. He’s also written comic books such as Green Arrow and Daredevil.

The book was illustrated by Walt Flanagan (Karney and War of the Undead) and Sandra Hope (Justice League of America and Gen 13). The artwork is fine — it didn’t wow me but I didn’t dislike it.

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