Canada’s Wonderland

I haven’t been to Canada’s Wonderland in roughly 15 years. But yesterday I was reminded that I do really like roller coasters.

We went on most of the roller coasters and none of the other rides. The best one is Leviathan, the newest one. Riding in the front car of the Leviathan is an amazing experience — according to the web site you reach a speed of 148 km/h. A close second is Behemoth. These two roller coasters are a newer type that offer you a much smoother ride than the older ones. The older roller coasters do have their thrills, though — standing up, going backwards, going upside down, riding in the dark. But they can be shockingly jarring. Luckily the rain held off until late in the day — having the rain hit your face at high speed is less than fun.

We bought the “fast pass” which allowed us to use a separate fast lane for some of the rides — a limited number of fast passes are sold each day. The ride attendant would let in a certain number of people from the fast lane and a certain number from the regular lane — the fast lane was much faster. The day would have been somewhat less fun if we’d had to wait for hours in lines. On the other hand, I feel like there should be some way of solving the problem of long lineups other than selling special tickets to people who can afford them that let them walk right past everyone else.

We also saw the dinosaurs. There’s a section of animatronic dinosaurs — it’s not Jurassic Park, but it’s cool. There are signs explaining various things about the dinosaurs — paleontologists have learned a lot about them in the last few years. We watched a 20-minute movie in 3D, Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia. The use of 3D was good, and it provided some relatively new information — mostly about the huge plant-eating Argentinosaur and the ferocious meat-eating Giganotosaur.

We saw Rick Mercer — he was riding in the front car of Leviathan, apparently filming a segment for his show. We rode on the roller coaster just a few minutes after he did.

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