The Quiet Earth

{3.5/5} “I wouldn’t ride with you if you were the last man on Earth.”

Zac wakes up to find himself seemingly alone in the world. He believes that a scientific project called Project Flashlight might be the cause of everyone’s disappearance — a project that he was part of. As he tries to find a scientific explanation, his mental state deteriorates a bit. Then one day he stumbles on another person who’s alive — Joanne.

The Quiet Earth was released in 1985. This is my second time seeing it, but I didn’t remember much from seeing it 16 years ago.

What would you do if you were the last person on Earth? This is a movie from New Zealand — it’s OK, but didn’t grab me quite as much as I was hoping. I do like the characters and the interactions between them.

The ending of the movie is extremely bewildering.

The music is by John Charles (The Last Tattoo). I like the music at the beginning and the end — the rest is often uninteresting and often repetitive.

The movie stars Bruno Lawrence (Smash Palace) as Zac, Alison Routledge (Her Majesty) as Joanne, and Pete Smith (The Piano) as Api.

The movie was directed by Geoff Murphy (Utu).

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